Senior and junior fellows help with the internship and job search process. The Career Fellows Program provides a selected and highly trained paraprofessional student staff to augment the services of the professional career advisers. Fellows are available for drop-in/Career Studio and scheduled individual appointments in our Fanning 112 office. They meet with many first-year students, assist during career sessions, and help all students with resumé and cover letter critiques.

Are you a current Connecticut College student interested in becoming a Fellow? Talk to your Career Adviser.


Sara Abbazia ’20


As an English major, Sara is passionate about storytelling and the ways that writers can use language to empower silenced voices in society. Over the summer, she interned at Talcott Notch Literary Services and read through hundreds of manuscripts of prospective authors looking to publish their stories. Sara is currently working on an English honors thesis on the works of Willa Cather. On campus, she is the Policy Coordinator of Conn’s Roosevelt chapter, the Arts Editor for the school newspaper, and a member of the English Student Advisory Board. She is also a Writing Center tutor, a Reunion host, the Student Coordinator for World Languages Day, and a Student Adviser Coordinator. Sara is very passionate about leadership on campus and has both attended and facilitated Conn’s Emerging Leadership Conference. In her free time, Sara enjoys reading, writing, drawing and ballet dancing.

Dean Jair Andrade headshot

Dean Jair Andrade ’21

Junior Career Fellow from Naugatuck, Connecticut American Studies Major

A student of modern American culture, Dean is captivated by artistic expression. Last summer, he interned at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven in New Haven, Connecticut, where he tackled graphic design and copywriting for web and print, including emails, flyers and social media. Previously, he interned at Landmark Community Theatre in Thomaston, Connecticut, where he worked on rebranding and social media projects. Before transferring to Conn, Dean graduated summa cum laude with an A.A. in history from Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut. While there, he participated in piloting the school’s first financial literacy initiative and worked at the Office of Career Services and Internships. Today, he is attracted to careers in entertainment, sports, marketing and advertising.

Quinn Baity

Quinn Baity ’21


As an economics major, Quinn is constantly looking to apply what he learns in the classroom to real world scenarios. This coming summer, Quinn is interning at MetLife Investment Management. On campus, he is a member of the Peggotty Investment Club. Quinn is also a microeconomics tutor in the Academic Resource Center. When he is not in the classroom or the library, you can find Quinn down at the Athletic Center, as he is a member of the club soccer and basketball teams. Quinn enjoys collaborating and communicating with his peers, allowing for great work to be done in team settings.

Dominique Burrows headshot

Dominique Burrows ’20

Senior Pre-Business Career Fellow from Clinton, Connecticut Economics Major, Anthropology and Hispanic Studies Minor, Toor Cummings Center for International Studies & the Liberal Arts

Dominique is a scholar in the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts (CISLA). Over this past summer, she interned at an NGO in Lima, Peru called La Casa de Panchita. She is utilizing the primary research from her internship to write an economics Honors Thesis about informal domestic labor in Peru. She is pursuing a career in Business Consulting upon graduation and is interested in earning an MBA in the future. Dominique is also a member of the Peggotty Investment Club.

Andy Duong headshot

Andy Duong ’20

Senior Career Fellow from Hanoi, Vietnam Economics and International Relations Double Major, Finance and Applied Statistics Minor, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Value and Change Pathway

Andy is interested in international economics, finance and world politics. Last summer, he interned for Deloitte Singapore and was a member of the CRISP team, a sector of Risk Advisory. During his internship, he was trained in how to analyze data and create machine learning models, as well as acquiring skills to consult with clients. He took part in two major projects of the CRISP team and was praised by his supervisor for his hard work. In the summer of his sophomore year, he interned at Doosan Corporation in Seoul, Korea, and Crawley, England. While in their finance department, he received training on administrative work and gained hands-on experience in corporate finance. Andy serves as both a member of the economics department's Student Advisory Board and as a microeconomics tutor. Additionally, Andy is the secretary of the International Student Association, an international student adviser, the communication coordinator of Student Activities Council and an analyst as part of the Peggotty Investment Club. After graduation, Andy plans to pursue a master’s and doctorate degree in business administration.

Megan Feragne headshot

Megan Feragne ’20


This past summer, Megan interned for the Brown School of Public Health as a research intern studying the transition to post partum of South African mothers living with HIV. After work, Megan would distribute fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to families in need at the Lighthouse Food Pantry in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Megan has interned as an art teacher at the Rectory School and as a conservationist for the Archaeological Conservation Institute in Rome, Italy. In the past, Megan served as a Student Adviser, helping in the academic and social transition of first year students to college. She was also a Language Fellow, promoting the study of language by developing and hosting cultural events such as International Trivia Night, game nights and study sessions. Megan is an avid runner, serving as captain of the varsity cross country and track teams for the Camels. She loves tackling half marathons during the off season. She has been a recruitment coordinator for the women’s cross country team, where she has reached out to prospective students to get them excited about running in the NESCAC. Megan enjoys connecting with New London, where she has volunteered at the Drop-In Learning Center, Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School, and the New London Homeless Hospitality Center. Megan studied abroad in Ecuador and spent three months on the Galapagos Islands in Spring 2018 studying Evolution and Ecology.

Matt Gilmore headshot

Matthew Gilmore '21


Matt has always been interested in health and has accordingly developed a strong passion for helping others. As a result of such intrigue to the world of medicine, he aspires to transform what was once just an interest into a future career. During his fall semester of junior year, Matt took his interest in medicine abroad while he studied in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad. In Copenhagen, he studied human health and disease along with the differentiations of healthcare systems across cultures. The opportunity to study abroad gave Matt the ability to experience his interests through a global lens while gaining an intercultural perspective. To further his experience in medical work, he shadowed Dr. Edward Smith, a neurosurgeon at Children’s Hospital in Boston during his winter break of junior year. This experience allowed Matt to gain insight into the day-to-day life of a physician. On campus, Matt is involved as a barista at the Blue Camel Cafe. Not only does he love making lattes for students and professors alike, but he especially enjoys being able to interact with the entirety of the campus population. As a career fellow, he hopes to help students identify their personal strengths that will ultimately allow them to feel confident in their professional experiences both at Connecticut College and beyond.

Hope Hottois headshot

Hope Hottois ’21

Junior Lead and Pre-Health/Psychology Career Fellow from Monroe, Connecticut Psychology and English Double Major, Public Health Pathway

Hope is fiercely passionate about mental health care and psychiatric well-being, aspiring to become a clinical mental health counselor for young adults with psychiatric disorders. On campus, she is a part of a faculty-led research team examining race-based traumatic stress and radical self-care. Additionally, Hope is a trained member of the Student Support Network, where she is educated in providing immediate support to students in mental distress. Hope is also completing an individualized Public Health Pathway at Conn, where she will develop an animating question that will guide her exploration and result in interdisciplinary study, a global/local engagement, and culminate in a project on the psychology of violence-based trauma. This past summer, Hope was a research and clinical intern at the Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. There, she partook in schizophrenia-spectrum research and helped facilitate rehab classes for patients with serious mental illnesses. Hope is very excited to continue fostering her passions throughout this upcoming academic year and beyond.

Rose Lora headshot

Rose Lora ’20

Senior Career Fellow from Bronx, New York Sociology Major, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Value and Change Pathway

Rose is passionate about advocating for others and herself. She has a varied work history, exploring different paths related to helping marginalized and underrepresented communities—a theme she hopes to continue into the future. In her free time, Rose enjoys learning new skills, finding new shows to watch and hanging out in local coffee shops. She works to combine her love of social sciences with activism.

Lauren Nashawaty headshot

Lauren Nashawaty ’20

Senior Career and Pre-Business Fellow from Needham, Massachusetts Government Major, Economics Minor, Global Capitalism Pathway

Following her goal of eventually attending business school, Lauren is constantly searching for ways to gain knowledge of the corporate world in and out of the classroom. Lauren has shadowed in many industries, had a Brand Marketing internship, and, most recently, worked in investments at a portfolio management consulting firm, Cambridge Associates. After graduation, she will return to Cambridge Associates as an Investment Analyst in Boston. On campus, Lauren is the head of the Women in Finance sector of the Peggotty Investment Club, as well as the club’s Public Relations Coordinator. She also served as a student adviser and economics tutor her sophomore year. In the fall of her junior year, Lauren studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the Danish Institute of Study Abroad, where she studied European politics and business through a Scandinavian lens.

Lilly Noble headshot

Lilly Noble ’20

Senior Career Fellow from Woodstock, Vermont Psychology Major and Statistics Minor, Public Health Pathway

Lilly is an active member of the College community both academically and socially. She is the captain of the Ski Team, traveling every weekend to Vermont or Maine in the winter to compete against other colleges. She is also vice president of the Connecticut Chapter of the Psi Chi National Honors Society and does environmental research in the psychology department during the semester with her thesis adviser. Lilly studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, where she continued to study various themes of psychology through a cross-cultural lens. This past summer, Lilly worked as a project management intern at Finn Partners, an advertising agency in Boston. When the weather is warm, you can always find Lilly outside on Tempel Green with a blanket, some music and books!

Jared Nussbaum headshot

Jared Nussbaum ’21

Junior Career Fellow from Ridgefield, Connecticut Philosophy Major, Creativity Pathway

As a philosophy major, Jared takes pride in pursuing a path that most do not. This past summer, he interned at LearnLaunch, a leading education technology accelerator company, where he learned the fundamentals of starting and sustaining a high-tech education technology company as well as the basics of venture funding. Although Jared does not yet know what career path he wants to pursue, he has gained knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields. Jared has worked at a private lake club and interned at both a small law firm and major commercial production company. He has also volunteered at the New London Homeless Hospitality Center, where he immersed himself in the shelter environment to learn about the nature of homelessness and methods of alleviation in the United States. On campus, Jared is a member of the men’s varsity swim team and has recently broken two of his team’s records in the distance freestyle events and earned All-NESCAC honors. Jared is also an avid reader and enjoys spending time outside with his dog, Kyngston.

Koby Giglietti headshot

Koby Giglietti ’21

Junior Career Fellow from Brookline, Massachusetts Environmental Studies Major, Economics Minor, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Value and Change Pathway

Koby is passionate about connecting environmental sustainability to business. During the summer after his first year of college, Koby interned at a biology research lab at Boston University. There, he examined the process of denitrification and how rural and urban areas affect the natural process. During this time, Koby also ran a small communal composting service called “Koby’s Compost,” which allowed homeowners without a backyard to have accessibility to composting of their own. This past summer, Koby assisted at a startup company called Phood which reduces food waste in dining facilities across a variety of industries. On campus, in addition to being a Career Fellow, Koby is the president of Club Soccer and a Floor Governor. He hopes to work in the environmental tech industry or as an environmental consultant after graduation.

Piper Oren

Piper Oren ’20

Senior Career Fellow from Charlotte, Vermont International Relations and Economics Double Major

With her nose constantly in academic journals, Piper investigates world changes and their behavioral underpinnings. Piper is a barista at Coffee Grounds (an entirely student-run coffee shop on campus) and a member of the economics Student Advisory Board. Last winter, she ran studies on human judgement and decision-making and was a research assistant at the Harvard Decision Science Lab. Last summer, she was an intern at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and dealt with a wide range of projects with the World Team. In her final year, she is focusing her experimental economics honors thesis on the role of solicitation on advice taking.

Halle Paredes Headshot

Halle Paredes '21

Pre-Law Career Fellow; JUNIOR CAREER FELLOW FROM South Norwalk, Connecticut Philosophy MAJOR, Government MINOR, Public Health Pathway

Combining her interests in philosophy and public health, Halle is passionate about studying ethical issues involved in the healthcare field. Last summer, Halle participated in Yale University’s Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics in partnership with their Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics where she attended 8 intensive courses in bioethics and conducted independent research. Her culminating work, which examined how pediatric patients engage with their healthcare providers, was accepted for presentation at the UNESCO World Conference on Health Law and Medical Ethics in Porto, Portugal and print publication. Halle is the pre-law career fellow and plans on matriculating to law school to pursue a career in clinical ethics or health law. On campus, Halle is a member of the women’s rowing team, a member of the philosophy department student advisory board, on the finance committee for the Womxn’s Empowerment Initiative, and a social media intern with the Office of Admissions.

Kirby Heffrin headshot

Kirby Heffrin ’20

Senior Lead and Pre-Health Career Fellow from Marblehead, Massachusetts Behavioral Neuroscience Major

Following her interests in medicine and clinical research, Kirby has spent the past two summers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Epilepsy Division conducting clinical research. This fall, Kirby will be working as a physical therapy aide at Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Center in New London, Connecticut. On campus, Kirby is the co-president of the Pre-Health Club, chair of the Student Advisory Board for Psychology and Neuroscience, and a peer tutor for Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience. As the first ever Connecticut College Team IMPACT Campus Ambassador, Kirby facilitates relationships between chronically ill children and varsity athletic teams. In her free time, Kirby enjoys skiing, the outdoors and sports. Following graduation in December, Kirby plans on attending physician assistant school.

Anthony Mancini headshot

Anthony Mancini ’21

Junior Career and Pre-Business Fellow from Middleton, Massachusetts Economics Major, Finance Minor

Anthony has a newfound love for big business, and is highly interested in finance and technology. For seven straight years, Anthony has worked as a power skating coach for Pro Ambitions Hockey, where he committed to being a good mentor and developing athletic skills for high-school level and youth players from across the nation. Anthony just completed the Tuck Business Bridge Program at Dartmouth over the summer of 2019, where he aimed to grow his professional network and communication skills. On campus, Anthony is a leader analyst in the Peggotty Investment Club, where he regularly looks at the performance of the stock market. Anthony is a player and general manager for the club hockey team, and a former floor governor in Johnson house. Anthony is a diehard sports fan and loves playing the guitar.

Gabrielle Veilleux headshot

Gabrielle Veilleux ’21

Junior Career Fellow from Southington, Connecticut Behavioral Neuroscience and Music Double Major, Hollern Center for Community Action and Public Policy

Gabby has a wide variety of academic interests related to her majors, including classical voice studies, public health and policy. She is a scholar in the Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy, where her area of interest is access to nutrition for underrepresented and under resourced groups. During her first year at Connecticut College, Gabby participated in the Pre-Medical Paramedic Internship Program in conjunction with Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London. She shadowed various physicians in the emergency room and paramedics working on ambulances. On campus, Gabby is a Floor Governor, a member of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative and a vocalist with the Traditional Jazz Band. She also tutors at the Drop-in Learning Center in New London and hopes to continue working in the community during the remainder of her time at Conn.