Thursday, Feb. 15, 8 pm, Evans Hall 

Matthew Steinke, “Noplace”

Casual FreyDay: Julia Frey and Sam Day Harmet, “A People’s History of Silicon Valley”

Emilia Izguierdo, "Eclipse" 

Alexander Dupuis, “three paths”

Greg Wilder, "Out of the Dark Hall and Wander"

Nathaniel Haering, “Cimmerian Isolation”

Justin Cabrillos, Gabrielle DaCosta, Sam Yulsman, “Land Before Time III”

Friday, Feb. 16, 8 pm, Evans Hall

Yuanyuan (Kay) HE, “On the Excenter of a Blindspot”

Andrew Litts, “singularity”

Christopher Biggs, “Contraposition”

Lauren Hayes, “Visitor Ion Map”

Arthur Kreiger, “Kindred Spirits”

Zach Duer, "nothings_nomeanings" 

Tjasa Ferme, “The Female Role Model Project”

Saturday, Feb. 17, 5 pm, Evans Hall (note earlier time) 

Robin Cox, “Dirt”

Maurice Wright, “Broadcast Sequence with Gunshot”

Catie Cuan, Amy LaViers, Ishaan Pakrasi, “Time to Compile”

Butch Rovan, Katherine Bergeron, “Imperfect Transmissions”

Ivan Elezovic, “Well Known Routine”

Aurie Hsu, Steven Kemper, “Why Should Our Bodies End at the Skin?” (2018 Commissioned Artists)

Saturday, Feb. 17, 8 pm, Tansill Theater

Victoria Shen, “untitled”

Maralie Armstrong, “untitled”

Kristina Warren, “Arrest”

Juan Flores, Isaac Medina, “Transmitter”

Akiko Hatakeyama, “Blind | The world where I can’t be but you live in”