Here at Connecticut College, you will find your dance research to be a vibrant, unique and thought-provoking part of your liberal arts education. Our faculty, company-in-residence David Dorfman Dance, guest artists, dance facilities and opportunities to choreograph and perform, as well as our outstanding student population, all come together to make your dance education at Connecticut College so amazing and rewarding.

In the Dance Department at Connecticut College, we encourage you to find your individual artistic voice. As a student studying dance, you may find yours in our focus areas of movement and improvisational techniques, choreography, and dance studies - in areas such as history, theory, anatomy, writing, music and film/technology.

The dance department strives to:

  • Offer a diverse range of movement techniques
  • Instill a deep and factual understanding of anatomical information in order to be more articulate in the body
  • Expose our students to artistic traditions and current trends in dance-making
  • Foster critical thinking and emphasize the ability to express oneself through language
  • Raise social and cultural awareness
  • Provide a methodology for creation, editing and presentation of one’s work in order to move from conceptual idea to performance
  • Facilitate a high level of craft alongside a radical artistic voice

We work with integrity, rigor and diligence in order to teach you to be a citizen who contributes to the world. As a dance major, you will graduate to become part of the next generation of trailblazing dance artists and enthusiasts.

Our faculty are actively engaged in creating and presenting dance nationally and internationally. 

Pursuing a degree in dance is a bold and rewarding undertaking that leads our graduates prepared for careers in the dance field and beyond. We find our alumni pursuing careers as dancers, choreographers, dance therapists, physical therapists, teachers, arts administrators, filmmakers, production designers and managers, medical practitioners, anthropologists and lawyers while always remaining advocates of dance.