In the department of dance at Connecticut College, our students graduate ready!  This is evident through the successes and networking of our accomplished alumni. 

We're honored to share below the success of our graduates. 

To our alumni, please email for information about updating/adding your profile.


Matty Burns '13, dancer, Grant Jacoby & Dancers

Amy Gernux '13, dancer with the feath3r theory, griffindance, Eclipse Dance, office assistant and instructor/choreographer at Artistic Dance Conservatory

Grant Jacoby '13, founder, Grant Jacoby & Dancers; dancer, Mariah Steele/Quicksilver Dance and Rachel Pritzlaff/Time Based Art

Rachel Pritzlaff '13, choreographer/dancer/collaborator Reject Dance Theatre, lonely goat dance, and The Feath3r Theory; director, Rachel Pritzlaff/Time Based Art


Ana Fiore '12, studio operations attendant, The Joyce Theater Foundation

Morgan Griffin '12, founder, griffindance; dancer, Adele Myers and Dancers, bandPortier

Audrey Maclean '12, dancer, Audra Carabetta, griffindance, Grant Jacoby and Dancers

Katie McGrail '12, dancer, Luminarium Dance Company, griffindance, Grant Jacoby and Dancers

Charlotte Rosen '12, dance faculty, Culver Academies, guest pilates instructor in the Wellness Department


Adriane Brayton '11, dancer, Anna Myer and Dancers and Weber Dance

Emily Evans '11, dancer, Luminarium Dance Company; marketing & publications coordinator, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Khadija Griffith '11, performer with Fuerza Bruta, David Dorfman Dance

Emma Judkins '11, dancer, Amber Sloan Dances, bandPortier, LoudHound Movement; collaborator, The Space We Make

Kimberly Lusk '11. dancer, zoe I juniper; programming coordinator, Velocity Dance Center

Erica Moshman '11, dancer with Heidi Latsky Dance, Becky Radway Dance Projects, Evolve Dance Inc and Reject Dance Theatre, currently studying for a master of arts degree in Dance Anthropology at the University of Roehampton

Elaina Pires '11, executive and production assistant, Celebrity Series of Boston


Sophie Maguire '10, co-founder of lonely goat dance

Colleen Megley '10, teaching creative dance and ballet in New York City, certified through the ABT National Training Curriculum Primary-Level 5. Master's degree in Dance Education and Ballet Pedagogy at New York University, in partnership with American Ballet Theatre

Lily Ockwell '10, dancer in the off-Broadway production Sleep No More, Race Dance Co, Justice Dance, lonely goat dance


Rebecca Hite Teicheira '09, M.F.A., Smith College; co-creator & co-artistic director of Reject Dance Theatre, feath3r theory, MachineHistrionica Dance, Rachel Pritzlaff/Time Based Art, instructor at Astoria Fine Arts Dance  

Raja Kelly '09, dancer with David Dorfman Dance, Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group, zoe/juniper and PEARSONWIDRIG Dance Theater, Race Dance Co, director of the feath3r theory

Lauren Morrow '09, publicity assistant, Brooklyn Academy of Music

Jennifer Mueller '09, dance therapist


Alicia Hollowell '08, dancer with Race Dance Co., danced four years with Diavolo Dance Theater

Kaitlin Morse '08, dancer with Race Dance Co, Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances for a Variable Population


Rachel Mieszczanski '06, M.S.Ed., Sarah Lawrence College, teacher


Maggie Bennett '05, multi-media artist and performer (choreography, installation, sculpture); dancer, Jennifer Monson, Paul Matteson, Vanessa Justice, Kota Yamazaki, Keely Garfield, Nina Winthrop, Milka Djordjevich and Chris Peck; co-founding member of Propel-her Dance Collective

Ani Javian '05, dancer with Naomi Goldberg Haas/Dances for a Variable Population, co-founder of Propel-her Dance Collective

Molly Lieber '05, dancer, luciana achugar, Neil Greenberg, Keely Garfield, Joanna Kotze, Juliette Mapp, Melinda Ring; Choreographer- Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith

Betsy Miller '05, dancer, Lostwax Multimedia Dance and inFluxdance. Has performed with Fusionworks, Kathleen Hermesdorf/La ALTERNATIVA, Heidi Henderson, shove gently dance, and others


Andrea Lodico Welshons '04, executive director KEIGWIN & COMPANY; Board of Trustees, Dance/USA

Katherine Mueller '04, pursuing a second Master of Arts in Dance Anthropology at the University of Roehampton in England in 2014-2015.

Nile Russell '04, dancer in Pilobolus, guest with Naganuma Dance, formed own company Nile Russell Dance in 2008


Francis Stansky '03, collaborator, Wally Cardona /WCV; dancer, David Dorfman Dance


Adrian Clark '01, dancer, Kate Weare Company

Rebecca Pappas '01, M.F.A., UCLA, artistic director, Pappas and Dancers, Adjunct Professor, Pasadena City College

Rebecca Serrell Cyr '01, choreographer; dancer, RoseAnne Spradlin


Rebekah Morin '98, collaborating artist, "Then She Fell," by Third Rail Projects; dancer, Jody Oberfleder Dance Projects, Cuts A Rug, The Equus Projects

Elizabeth Johnson '98, associate artist, Dance Exchange

Annie-B Parson '98, choreographer and director of Big Dance Theater. She has created choreography for David Byrne’s HERE LIES LOVE at the Public Theater, his 2012 world tour with St. Vincent, and for his 2008/09 Brian Eno world tour. She also created dance for St Vincent’s 2014 world tour. She is an instructor of choreography at New York University's Experimental Theater Wing.


Katie McNamara '97, co-director of BaldSoul, Dance Composition Instructor at Dean College, pursuing a MFA in dance at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Amy Verebay '97, performance artist

Helen Tocci '97, co-founder, Varoom Group Dance Collective


Nicholas Leichter '94, director of Nicholas Leichter Dance, member of Ralph Lemon Company 1993-1995


Clare Byrne '93, lecturer at University of Vermont, director of Clare Byrne Dance, was a founding member of Nicholas Leichter Dance

Holly Handman-Lopez '93, M.F.A. in Choreography and Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ‘07, Visiting and Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance at Oberlin College & Conservatory. She has worked with many prominent choreographers, including David Dorfman, Nicholas Leichter and Lisa Race.


Amy Larimer '91, M.F.A., University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Assistant Professor and Artistic Director of the Dance Program at Lehman College, teaching at LIU, founding member of Nicholas Leichter Dance. She has also performed with Clare Byrne, Daniel Clifton, Colin Connor, Aaron Draper, Polina Klimovitskaya, Patricia Nanon and Debra Wanner. She is the director of The Raving Jaynes.

Amii Legendre '91, M.F.A., University of Wisconsin. Artistic director, Dance Instructor, Wellness Coordinator at Bard College; artistic director, LeGendre Performance Group


Jennifer Keller '88, M.F.A., Arizona State, Performer/Collaborator TanzTheater Andre Koslowski, danced with Elizabeth Streb, Mark Taylor & Friends, Eiko and Koma, Doug Elkins, Myriam Hervé-Gil, Andre Koslowski, Pennsylvania Dance Theater and Ann Carlson


Peter DiMuro '83, M.F.A., Executive Director of the Dance Complex, former Artistic Director of Liz Lerman Dance from 1993-2008


David Dorfman '81, M.F.A. , Artistic Director, David Dorfman Dance; Professor of Dance, Department Chair, Connecticut College

Lynn Lesniak-Needle '81, danced with Nikolais Dance Theater, founder and artistic director of Art of Motion, Inc., adjunct Professor of Modern Dance At Bergen Community College


Gloria McLean '71, founder and artistic director of LIFEDANCE/Gloria McLean and Dancers; former member, Erick Hawkins Dance Company