Aida Heredia

Professor of Hispanic Studies

Joined Connecticut College: 1998

B.A., Queens College
M.A., Ph.D., SUNY, Buffalo


Latin American literature and culture

Caribbean literature and culture

Critical theory

Professor Heredia’s teaching and research interests include Latin American and Caribbean literary and cultural production, Caribbean intellectual history, Haitian visual arts and literature, the Haitian Revolution, comparative postcolonial studies in light of ancestral communities in Latin America, and the African Diaspora. She has authored three books, De la recta a las cajas chinas: la poesía de José Kozer, La representación del haitiano en las letras dominicanas, Providential Narrative en la isla de Santo Domingo.  She has published scholarly articles that explore the philosophical, historical and literary interpretations of colonial plantations in the Americas. In addition, her written work examines the interplay between history, legal systems and spiritual conscience anchored in social justice. 

Professor Heredia has been awarded grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Fulbright-Hays Program and the Fulbright Program.

She directed SATA Mexico 2004, which focused on service-learning, at the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico (UDLA).

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Praise for Professor Heredia in Student Evaluations

"Professor Heredia, thank you for being one of the few professors in my entire experience at this school to address the prevalent injustices in our society and how we all have the responsibility to address and assess our own participation and role in combating and reversing the oppression. You have had a profound impact on my intellectual development and that of others. I will continue to reflect on the things you taught me at Connecticut College."

"Thank you for being a marvelous professor. I have grown this semester more than my entire experience at Conn. You are an inspiration and your passion for teaching and learning has motivated me to learn more and to develop self-confidence in relation to my education in social justice."

"Prof. Heredia, thank you for loving what you teach and helping us feel connected to what we are learning. You have inspired me like no other teacher at Connecticut College."

"As always, Professor Heredia was passionate, inspiring, and articulate — a true intellectual activist who pushes her students to reach beyond accepted norms of inequality and injustice, to question their own society and themselves, to see truth where deception lies. Thank you, Professor Heredia!"

"Professor Heredia, your class has challenged me to reevaluate my own stereotypes, the language I use to express myself, and the subtle but racist ideas to which I have become accustomed in this society. With passion, you have inspired me to examine my views of the world and my relationship with my own country, and to contribute to the appreciation of races and cultures. I have grown as a person in general this semester and would like to thank you for opening my eyes to the world." 

“I had a lot of amazing professors at Conn, but most of them were quick to pat me on the back without too much scrutiny of my work or ideas. Professor Heredia, you challenged me to question assumptions made at every level--from world establishments to my own perspectives--more than any other professor, and I really value the effect your classes had on me.”

Major in Latin American Studies. 

Major in Hispanic Studies. 

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