The Hispanic Studies department at Connecticut College offers a unique blend of the traditional strengths of language and literature departments with an interdisciplinary, cultural studies and practical skills approach. Our department has been recognized nationally for its innovative curriculum and dedication to the implementation of cutting-edge pedagogy.

All of our courses are writing and conversation-based, and frame cultural studies and literary analysis: from Gender, Class, Ethnicity in Spanish Film to our courses on Environmental Justice in Latin America; US Latino Studies in the Arts and Popular Culture; Myth, Folklore and Legends; Proyecto Comunidad; Business Spanish; Religion and Violence in Latin America; Foreign Language Methodology and Second Language Acquisition; Dialogue Between Spain and the Americas; and Caribbean Communities in the US.

We do not require specific courses on the 200 level in order to access the rest of the major on the upper levels, but many students after completing the placement exam, ACTFL interview, and 100-level courses in History of Hispanic Art with grammar review, choose from our “gateway courses” of Spa 207 Advanced Grammar and Composition; Spa 208 Literary and Cultural Analysis; Spa 250 Evolution of Cultures: Spain; and Spa 251 Evolution of Cultures: Latin America to give them a strong foundation in areas of interest.

Of our recent graduates, Taryn Kitchen '16, a Latin American Studies major, won Connecticut College’s prestigious Anna Lord Strauss award at graduation and a Fulbright award to teach in Chiapas, Mexico; Krystal Moreno '16, a Hispanic Studies major, is studying for her master’s degree in Spain; and Leela Riesz, a Hispanic Studies minor, won a Fulbright to teach in Spain.

Our graduates are working in business, law, government, education, entertainment, with NGOs, as authors (such as Jennifer DeLeon) and more. 

Download and complete the checklist for declaring a major or minor:

Major in Hispanic Studies Checklist

Minor in Hispanic Studies Checklist