The Department of Hispanic Studies balances a curriculum of both linguistic and cultural literacy. Students gain fluency in Spanish while also learning about the rich historical and cultural heritage of Spain, Latin America and Latinos in the United States. The department offers classes in the study of Spanish language at all levels from beginner through advanced, including a specialized course in business-oriented Spanish for both majors and nonmajors.

Majors have a variety of ways to focus their studies. They can choose courses that emphasize linguistics, gaining an understanding of different varieties of Spanish and how the language works, or they can specialize in Hispanic culture seen through a sociological lens.

Students often double major in Sociology, Psychology, History or Economics.

The department has a dynamic faculty who work closely with students to nurture their intellectual and creative growth and create individualized learning experiences for them.

Outside the classroom, students can participate in service learning in New London, where they apply language skills while also enhancing cultural understanding and establishing ties with the Hispanic community. They have the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona; Mexico; or in Santiago, Chile, where a specialized program mixes politics, social justice and language.

Some graduates go on to master of arts and Ph.D. programs, and many enter careers in business or work at nongovernmental organizations at local, regional and international levels.