Admission Selection Progress

Affirmative Action at Connecticut College applies to the hiring of faculty and staff, not to student admission.

The following is a statement by Andrew Strickler, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, about the Connecticut College Admission selection process:

"Admission to Connecticut College is competitive and highly selective. The Admission Committee seeks students who have the ability to succeed academically and personally in our residential liberal arts setting. In reaching admission decisions all credentials are fully reviewed and carefully assessed, including a student's intellectual strength, academic promise and personal qualities. The Admission Committee views all applications holistically, and while a student's academic record is of great importance, we also consider a student's race, gender, geographic origin, and academic and co-curricular interests among other information provided in a student's application. In making final admission decisions, the Admission Committee envisions the future potential of individuals who are ready to become leaders and scholars on our campus, so that we can bring together a Class of students who offer a wide range of unique experiences and knowledge. "