Several important considerations determine whether the College will sponsor, totally or in part, emeritus faculty members' applications for grants or contracts, and whether it will authorize research appointments for retired faculty members on the grants or contracts of non-retired members of the faculty. In making its decision the College must take into account the contribution of the proposed research to the College community, its demand upon physical and administrative facilities, pre- and post-award administrative support, and its direct and indirect effects upon other research and programs of the department and the College.

Members of the faculty may apply for research support that extends beyond retirement, and emeritus faculty may apply for research support, provided that the Dean of the Faculty is willing to commit the necessary facilities and administrative support for the period of the grant. If permitted by the Dean of the Faculty, and if the appointment is approved by the grantor, the emeritus faculty member will be given pre- and post-award administrative support and the additional title of senior research scientist/scholar, to be held during the period of grant or contract support. The same procedures will apply in the case of emeritus faculty who seek appointment as senior research scientists/scholars on the grants or contracts of non-retired members of the faculty.

An emeritus faculty member who is appointed as senior research scientist/scholar under the above conditions may be paid salary from the grant or contract on a part time or full time basis. The salary will be set by the Dean of the Faculty, consistent with the OMB Circular A-21 guidelines (see below), and in no case may it exceed the available funding from the grant.

During the period that an emeritus faculty member is being paid from a grant, all fringe benefits are available only to the extent that is chargeable to the grant. The Dean of the Faculty will consider on a case-by-case basis any cost sharing arrangements; in the usual case the college will not be providing cost sharing for emeritus faculty. As for effort reporting, the Accounting Department will monitor time and effort.

OMB Circular A-21, 10.d.(1)(e) states that institutions must follow their own policies and salaries are to be consistent with those paid by the institution.