Giving appreciated securities or mutual funds

You may enjoy substantial tax savings by transferring gifts of appreciated securities or mutual funds to Connecticut College. Gifts of long-term appreciated assets (securities owned for at least one year and one day) may be particularly beneficial in terms of tax savings. Note that it may take as long as three weeks for a gift of mutual funds to be transferred, so please plan accordingly.

How to give appreciated securities

Outright gifts of appreciated securities are handled by the Office of College Advancement. Before transferring or sending stock certificates, it is important to notify the College to ensure prompt and correct crediting. Because no donor name is attached to electronic transfers, it is important that either you or your broker contact Advancement Services (see below) to notify the College of your gift.

Securities held by your bank or broker

Please notify your bank, broker or mutual fund company when you are making a gift of securities or mutual fund shares to Connecticut College and instruct your representative to contact Advancement Services (see below). Please remind your broker to include your name with the transaction or call the College after the transaction is made to inform us of your intention to make a gift. If the security is not held in paper, the stock can be electronically transferred directly into Connecticut College's brokerage account.

Securities held by you

If securities are in your possession, mail the unsigned certificate in a separate envelope by registered mail along with a letter with your name, address and Connecticut College class year stating the name and number of the security or securities being given and the designation for your gift. Please also mail an endorsed stock power for each certificate including a copy of your letter. The stock power must be written exactly as it appears on the certificate. Your bank, broker, or Advancement Services can supply you with blank stock powers. If the certificate represents a greater number of shares than you intend to give, indicate in the letter how many shares go to the College and how many shares should be returned to you. Include your Social Security number so the certificate can be reissued in your name.

For most expedient handling, do not fill in Connecticut College's name as transferee on either the stock certificate or the stock power, and please do not send stock certificates to a transfer agent for transfer into Connecticut College's name.

Delivery Instructions

DTC Eligible Securities

Pershing, LLC
For credit to account #N7M100038
Client account name: Connecticut College

To mail physical securities and required documents:

Pershing LLC
Attn: Security Receive Area
One Pershing Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07399

BNY Mellon Contact: Jorja Watts 412-234-0439

For further information about transferring securities, please contact or 800-888-7549

Donor Privacy

Connecticut College places the highest priority on protecting the privacy of our donors and holds all donor information in strict confidence. The College does not sell or trade a donor's personal information to any other entity.