Library liaisons are subject area specialists who provide instruction and develop collections that serve the educational and research needs of the College's academic departments. Library liaisons offer individual and group instruction in the use of the online catalog and research databases, orientation to information resources, and guidance for research projects within the discipline.

Instructional Technology liaisons help faculty select the appropriate technology to meet course goals, making referrals to others in IS as appropriate for specific technologies. These liaisons also facilitate academic software purchases and provide instruction to classes and information to faculty on new instructional technology services and resources, including the use of technology-enabled classrooms.


Library Liaison

IT Liaison

Anthropology James Gelarden Diane Creede
Art Lyndsay Bratton Lyndsay Bratton
Art History Lyndsay Bratton Lyndsay Bratton
Biology Kathy Gehring Chris Penniman
Botany Kathy Gehring Chris Penniman
Chemistry Kathy Gehring Kathy Gehring
Classics Ben Panciera Laura Little
Computer Science Kathy Gehring Mike Dreimiller
Dance Lyndsay Bratton Lyndsay Bratton
East Asian Languages and Cultures Ashley Hanson Laura Little
Economics Andrew Lopez Diane Creede
Education Jessica McCullough Jessica McCullough
English, Literatures in English Ariela McCaffrey Laura Little
Film Studies Fred Folmer Jessica McCullough
French Laura Little
Laura Little
Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality Studies Ashley Hanson Laura Little
German Studies Ben Panciera Laura Little
Government Andrew Lopez Jessica McCullough
Hispanic Studies Jessica McCullough Laura Little
History of North America Rebecca Parmer Jessica McCullough
History, World Carrie Kent Jessica McCullough
Human Development Jessica McCullough Jessica McCullough
Italian Ben Panciera Laura Little
Mathematics Kathy Gehring Mike Dreimiller
Music Carolyn Johnson Diane Creede
Philosophy Rose Oliveira Diane Creede
Physical Education Ashley Hanson Kathy Gehring
Physics & Astronomy Kathy Gehring Mike Dreimiller
Psychology Ashley Hanson Diane Creede
Religious Studies Ashley Hanson Diane Creede
Slavic Studies Laura Little Laura Little
Sociology Ashley Hanson Diane Creede
Theater Joe Frawley Laura Little



 Library Liaison IT Liaison 
Africana Studies Carrie Kent Jessica McCullough
American Studies Rebecca Parmer Jessica McCullough
Architectural Studies Lyndsay Bratton Lyndsay Bratton
Global Islamic Studies Carrie Kent Jessica McCullough
Environmental Studies Kathy Gehring Chris Penniman
Medieval Studies Ben Panciera Jessica McCullough
Museum Studies Lyndsay Bratton Lyndsay Bratton