Shain Library First Floor Exhibition Area 

The Cuala Press Collection at Connecticut College 

The Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives has an extensive collection of books and complete collection of broadsides printed by the groundbreaking Cuala Press. The press was established by Elizabeth Yeats with assistance from her brother, the Nobel laureate poet and playwright, William Butler Yeats. For nearly four decades the press published works by and about Irish authors creating and celebrating the culture of a nation emerging from British rule.

Charles Chu Asian Art Reading Room 

The Chinese Ink Art of Marian Bingham

This exhibition features contemporary American artist and CC alumna Marian “Bing” Bingham '91 and her unique journey of studying and creating Chinese ink paintings spanning decades and continents, from California to Hong Kong, to Manila, and back to Connecticut.  It also honors Bingham’s three important teachers who inspired her undertaking at different points of her life, including her father, Woodbridge Bingham (1901-1986), a pioneering sinologist and Professor of East Asian History at UC Berkeley and founder of their Institute of East Asian Studies, and two equally distinguished Chinese painters who carried their own stories as diasporic artists and contributors to cultural communications between East and West: I-Hsiung Ju (1923-2012) and Charles Chu (1918-2008). 

Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives

Leonard Baskin and the Gehenna Press

This exhibition features items from the collection prudced by Leonard Baskin at his Gehenna Press as well as illustrations from works he made for other publishers.