Winter, 2024

  • The Native American Newspaper Collection at Connecticut College

Fall, 2023

  • Labors of Love: Work, Family and Play in American Folk Photograph
  • Fifty Years of Unity House
  • The Art of Barry Moser


Spring, 2023

  • Expanding the Herd: The Impact of Coeducation at CC
  • Bamboo: Paintings from the Chu-Griffis Collection of Asian Art
  • The Palmer Library at Connecticut College, 1923-2023

Winter, 2022

  • Boundless: Unusual Structures in Artists' Books

Fall, 2022

Spring, 2022

  • Allow me to Illustrate: An exhibition celebrating 18th-21st century children’s book artists drawn from the Lear Center Rare Book Collections and Shain Library
  • Understanding Our Obligation to the Community: The Honor Code at Conn
  • The Chinese Ink Art of Marian Bingham

Fall 2021

  • Consequently We Insist: Student Protest for Inclusion and Respect
  • Looking Good: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Invisible
    Selections from the Nicholas Osborn Collection of American Vernacular Photography
  • Continuity and Constant Change: Student Life at Connecticut College in Turbulent Times
  • What Does Chinese Art Tell Us?

Spring 2021

  • The Nature Photography of Michael A. Smith
  • The Smart Set: American Women’s History Collection
  • Consequently We Insist: Student Protest for Inclusion and Respect

Fall 2020

  • Celebrating the Centenary of the 19th Amendment
  • Treasures from the Delft Pottery Collection

Winter 2020

  • From Silk Road to Hudson River
  • The Continuing Enchantment of Oz: The World of Oz after L. Frank Baum

Fall 2019

  • The Art of Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  • Superior in its Basic Learning Constitution: Making Conn Coed
  • The First Year Experience at Connecticut College

Spring 2019

  • William Meredith (Poet and Teacher (Shain Library)
  • 400 Miles of the Connecticut River: Celebrating the Centenary of Charles Chu (Chu Room)
  • Humor and Illusion in the History of Photography
  • True Pioneers: The Class of 1919 (Shain Library)
  • New London Time Capsule (Shain Library and Lear Center)

Winter 2019

  • Cheap Libraries, or, Series Fiction and American Youth Reading Culture (Shain Library)
  • Cui Fei: Counter-Monument (Chu Room)

Fall 2018

  • 1968 (Shain Library)
  • Rockwell Kent, 1882-1973: An American Vision (Shain Library)
  • Encountering Nature: Exploring the Natural World in Children’s Literature (Lear Center)
  • The Hurricane of 1938 (Lear Center)
  • Between Two Worlds: 20th Century Japanese Prints (Chu Room)
  • 400 Miles of the Connecticut River: Celebrating the Centenary of Charles Chu (Chu Room)

Spring 2018

  • Deep Roots: Botany at Connecticut College, 1918-2018 (Shain Library)
  • Evolution of the Process (Shain Library)
  • New Worlds: Chinese Landscape Painting since 1949 (Chu Room)
  • Reconnecting with History: Chinese Studio Photography, 1950-1980 (Chu Room)
  • Fine Press Printing Between the Wars, February 5-June 20 (Lear Center)

Winter 2018

  • In Dialogue with the Amazon: The Printmaking of Bob Nugent (Shain Library)

Fall 2017

  • Open Books: A New Dialogue (Chu Room, Shain Library, and Lear Center)
  • Secrecy, Voyeurism, Surveillance: Selections from the Robert E. Jackson Collection of American Vernacular Photography (Shain Library)
  • World War I in Popular Music and Culture (Lear Center)
  • Service to All: Connecticut College in World War I, 1917-1918 (Shain Library)

Spring 2017

  • 21st Editions: The Art of the Book, 1998–2016 (Shain Library)
  • Broad Visions: Connecticut College and the Development of the Liberal Arts (Shain Library)
  • The Passion for Fantasy Animals in Victorian Children's Literature and Beyond (Shain Library and Lear Center)
  • Supermodels at the End of Time: New Photographs by Miles Ladin (Lear Center)
  • "These Years of Complexity and Ferment": Rosemary Park and the Post War Decade (Lear Center)
  • Space of Emptiness: Mao Xiaojian and His Art (Chu Room)
  • Art in Exile: Chinese Artists in America, 1949–2000 (Chu Room)

Fall 2016

  • "And No Birds Sing": DDT and the Emergent Environmental Activism (Shain Library)
  • "Otherly Lingual": Works by Amy Hannum '12 (Shain Library and Lear Center)
  • Remembering the Old South: Watercolors of Midge White (Lear Center)
  • Emperors, Scholars, and Laborers: Figure Painting in Chinese Art (Chu Room)
  • Cai Dongdong: Off the Target (Chu Room)

Spring 2016

  • Bad Art: Kitsch and Humor in Folk Photography (Shain Library)
  • The New Student, 1955-1975: Two Decades that Changed the Face of Connecticut College (Shain Library)
  • Exhibiting Visual Art in the Digital Age: An Exhibit Curated by the Students of Art History 455 (Lear Center)
  • Shakespeare at Connecticut College in Print and Performance: Marking the 400th Anniversary of the Bard's Death (Lear Center)
  • The Art of Tom Slaughter '77 (Lear Center)
  • Live in Landscape: The Paintings of Huang Dewei (Chu Room)
  • Master Paintings of Twentieth Century China (Chu Room)

Fall 2015

  • Rainy Days and Starry Nights: Evoking Mood in the Japanese Landscapes (Chu Room)
  • Pieces from the Shinbach Delft Pottery Collection (Lear Center)
  • "A Sense of High Adventure": Connecticut College's 1915 Founding Class (Shain Library)

Spring 2015

  • "A Sight Once Seen Can Never Be Forgotten": Connecticut Soldiers in the Civil War (Shain Library)
  • "For the Intellectual and Spiritual Life of All": The Development of Connecticut College's Library (Shain Library)

Spring 2014

Winter 2014

  • Underexposed: Photographs from Connecticut College's Photography Journal (Shain Library)
  • Dreaming Landscape: Paintings of Liu Qingling (Chu Room)

Fall 2013

  • Art of Latin America: Identity and Culture. An Exhibition of International Art from the Permanent Collection of the Latin Network for the Visual Arts (Shain Library)
  • Recent Additions to the Artists' Books Collection (Lear Center)
  • To the Wheat Light of June (Shain Library)

Spring 2013

  • A Tribute to Our Mascot: Selections from the McLean Camel Collection (Shain Library)
  • Moments of Freedom: Revolutionary Art from China, South Africa, and Tunisia (Chu Room and Shain Library)
  • 20th Century Chinese Painting (Chu Room)
  • To the Wheat Light of June (Shain)

Winter 2013

  • Animals in Chinese Art (Chu Room)
  • Underexposed: Photographs from Connecticut College's Photography Journal (Shain Library)
  • Upholding the Tradition: Paintings of Mi Defang (Chu Room)

Fall 2012

  • Rumblings of an Avalanche: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Public Response
  • Illustrations of Birds
  • The Art of Edward Ardizzone

Spring 2012

  • Agents of Change: Connecticut College Influences the World
  • My Heart is Red: Paintings by Guo Zhen
  • Understanding Chinese Visual Culture
  • Is That Supposed to be a Book? Artists Reimagining the Book

Winter 2012

  • Contemporary Chinese Art and Design: Graphic Design Works from the School of Art, LZJT University
  • Contemporary Art from the Latin World: An Exhibition of International Art from the Permanent Collection of the Latin Network for the Visual Arts (LNVA)

Fall 2011

  • Engagement, Demonstration, Protest: A Century of Activism at Connecticut College

Spring 2011

Winter 2011

Fall 2010

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