It is the user´s reponsibilty to back up data stored on their computer. Any files that are stored on your hard drive that are important for college business or for you personally should be copied to an external backup device.

Information Services STRONGLY recommends that users backup any data (spreadsheets, documents, media, etc.) stored on your computer.

What should be backed up?

IS recommends backing up all word processing documents, databases, presentations, images or any file pertinent to the business of the college or needed by the user.

What doesn't need to be backed up?

Operating systems, software (i.e. Microsoft Office) or any software that is available on the Web for free (i.e. iTunes, Acrobat Reader) do not need to be backed up.

Where should backups be stored?

Backups on external devices (i.e. CD, flash drive) should be stored away from the computer, preferably in a separate building so that they can be utilized in the event of a catastrophic event. If you have a laptop, you should never keep your only backup in your laptop case.

How do I backup my data?

Data can be backed up in several different ways. You can create backups using CD's, DVD's, USB flash drives and external drives. Please contact the IT Service Desk (Ext. 4357) if you need help using your specific device.