Connecticut College uses a print system, PaperCut, to enhance functionality, simplify maintenance and to provide additional services. The fleet of Kyocera Print/Copy/Scan devices, also known as Multifunctional Devices (MFDs), are located in Shain Library, Greer Music Library, the Language & Culture Center, in many academic buildings, and in the College Center at Crozier-Williams.  

Printing from the computer stations

When you print from PaperCut on any College network connected computer, your print job goes to the PaperCut Follow Me print queue. You can then release your print job by tapping your CamelCard on the small red light found on any of the MFDs on campus. See list of public MFD locations. For more information on how to Tap in to an MFD, click here.

Before you can print using an MFD you will need to associate your Camel Card. You will only need to do this once. For instructions click here. General instructions on releasing your print jobs at the MFDs are available here: Releasing Your Print Jobs (PDF).

Printing costs

Each student has a $30 allocation of printing for the academic year. Staff and faculty must have an accounting code associated with their College username in order to print. If you do not have an accounting code set up, please place a Web Help Desk request on CamelWeb.

Printing costs are $.08/double-sided B&W (8.5x11) sheet and $.05/single-sided B&W sheet; for color printing the cost is $.16/double-sided sheet and $.09/single-sided sheet. At the MFD, you can choose to proceed with your print job or delete it to avoid incurring a fee. While at the touch panel, you can also choose to print your job double sided or in grayscale and see the amount you will save by doing so. Your print job remains in the queue for 24 hours, at which time it will be deleted from the system if not released.

If students exceed their annual $30 allocation, your Camel Cash account will be charged for printing. For questions about Camel Cash, visit the Camel Card Office website or email

Printing from campus dorm rooms or the campus wireless network

Users can go to and then log in to the PaperCut portal with their CamelWeb user ID and password (Note: do not use your full email address, just the username). Then choose a print queue and upload your files. Once your files say “held in queue,” go and tap your CamelCard at any MFD to release your prints. Full web print instructions can be found here. Web print accepts the following file formats: Microsoft Office Suite, PDF, or graphics files.  

You can also use mobility print for iPhones, Androids, Chromebooks and other devices. To download mobility print, go to http://papercut:9163/setup. Full instructions can be found here. For instructions on printing from a flash drive, click here.

Email to print is also available for students, but it is not the preferred method of printing as it requires print jobs to filter through an email account before arriving at the MFD. Multiple large files sent this way at the same time will cause a backlog and a wait for your files to reach the MFD.

To use email to print, send black and white double-sided documents to and email color documents to For single sided printing please use, or Files sent through email to print cannot exceed 25 MB. If files over 25 MB are sent via email to print, they will cause a backlog for all other print jobs, and will subsequently be deleted from the queue. Documents attached to the email must be in the following formats: Microsoft Office Suite, PDF, or graphics files. Users can then log on to a MFD in any location to print the document.

Faculty and staff that use a college-issued computer will see the PaperCut follow me printer in the printer list. In addition, College networked computers must either have the task bar popup installed or the PaperCut client software installed to ensure proper printing results.

Scanning a document to your email

Each MFD has the ability to scan a document into a digital PDF format and email it to your email address or any other email address. There is no charge for scanning services. The scan to my email option is on the touch panel as soon as you tap your CamelCard on the MFD. For additional scanning and copying instructions click here.

Service requests

To place a service request or any other MFD software or hardware request, please visit the Campus Services tab on CamelWeb to submit a WHD ticket.

Training / Tutorials

Since in-person training is not available at this time, Print Services has loaded manuals for each device as well as How To sheets, and links to videos for common tasks on CamelWeb, under Documents/Policies, Documents/Forms, Printing and Mailing Services, MFD How To. If there is a specific task you would like a tutorial sheet for, and it is not found on CamelWeb, please email

Cleaning and Safety Protocols

Please practice social distancing when waiting in line and using the MFDs. Please wipe down the MFDs before and after use with the wipes provided at each device. Please dispose of the wipes in the wipe receptacle when finished. If the wipes are running low, please place a work order with Facilities under campus services on CamelWeb.