Which wall jack do I plug into?

Depending on which residence hall you are in, it will either be the black colored jack labeled "data" or the blue colored jack.

Can I use a modem in my room?

No. Most rooms have digital handsets, and are not equipped to accept modems.

Why doesn´t my Ethernet patchcord work?

Is it an ethernet patch cord or is it a telephone cord? Ethernet patch cords are wider than telephone cords. The two are typically not interchangeable. Make sure you are using a Category 5 ethernet patch cord to connect your computer.

How do we connect many students into one jack?

Most rooms should have adequate ports to support the number of students in a particular room. In some cases there is a shortage of jacks and a network technician needs to come to the room to make a change. Place a request at webhelpdesk.conncoll.edu or dial ext. 2698 (Media Services) for more information regarding this.

How many wireless devices am I permitted to use at one time in my room?

Due to ongoing wireless interference issues across campus (and other campuses nationwide), we do not permit use of wireless printers, wireless game controllers or routers. Your neighbors will appreciate it if you leave these at home. When possible, please use a wired connection for other devices besides your computer, tablet or cell phone to minimize wireless interference.