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Senior stars in clothing ad

Thomas Winstanley '10 is a jack of all trades, but he has managed to master them all. He can best be described as an English major, actor, model, environmentalist, leader and writer.

Most recently, he was the star of an internet ad, "Model Campus," for Boxer and Stone, a college apparel company. Winstanley landed the role after interning for the past two years with New London producer and director, Dikayl Rimmasch. Rimmasch is a freelancer who was hired to produce the ad for the 59-year-old apparel company.

"The opportunity to star in and help produce this ad enabled me to be a part of the whole production process and to see a brand being developed," Winstanley said.

One of Winstanley's responsibilities was to organize the pre-production logistics, which meant finding actors and a shooting location. According to Winstanley, "picking a location was a no-brainer. Connecticut College was the perfect setting."

As for actors, he selected his peers, Kevin Bergin '10 and Alex Avalone '11, to act alongside him.

In the studio, he had the chance to work with the former co-chair of the Screen Actors Guild, John Flemming - the voice behind the ad.

"Listening to him speak brought the ad into a whole new world. He was the last piece to be mixed in, and he united it," Winstanley said.

Of course, being as multi-talented as he is, Winstanely has also taken advantage of other opportunities to learn. He spent this past summer interning at Minc House, an eco friendly T-shirt company, and is working with English Professor John Gordon on a collection of short stories about local residents, "New Londoners," which he hopes to publish.

"Thomas knows 'New Londoners,' and he makes you feel like knowing them too," Gordon said of Winstanley's work. ,

Winstanley says Connecticut College is the perfect place for someone with so many interests. "I can apply my liberal arts education to just about anything and the College wants its students to be involved," he said.

He plans on applying the skills and knowledge he has gained inside and outside of the classroom to become a freelance writer.

-Caroline Gransee '09

October 14, 2009