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Some 500 students will make up this year's freshmen class

More than 4,700 students applied for admission to the Class of 2013 and just 500 will make up the class.

They are already quite accomplished and include students who:

-Competed in NASCAR;
-Conducted research with Weill Cornell Medical College and the American Cancer Society;
-Interned with U.S. senators;
-Served as firefighters; and
-Taught computers to prison inmates.

Their essay topics were as diverse as their interests, ranging from cooking a seven-course meal to being stranded in Rhode Island after a school van broke down. Read essays that worked.

New students arrive on campus Saturday, Aug. 29. The day includes time for unpacking, a tour of the new fitness center, and an opportunity to meet key administrators.

By the numbers

Fifty-four percent of this year's freshmen were ranked in the top 10 percent of their high school classes while 88 percent held spots in the top 20 percent.

Members of the Class of 2013 are well-represented internationally, and have lived, traveled and served in dozens of countries including India, South Africa, Fiji, Hungary, China and Nicaragua.

This year, 36.6 percent of students who applied were accepted. Fifty percent of the class attended public high schools, and students of color make up 17 percent.

August 17, 2009