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Three teams qualify for the NESCAC Championships

Camel fans have a lot to cheer about this fall, as three Connecticut College teams compete for NESCAC championships. Field Hockey became the third team to qualify with an impressive win against Colby Oct. 24. Men's Soccer and Volleyball also earned spots in the championship tournaments. The last time three teams qualified in the fall was 2007.

"All Camels are excited about this achievement," Harris Rosenheim '09, a young alumni trustee, said. "I hope at least one championship game is in Connecticut or Massachusetts, so several alumni and students can cheer on our fellow Camels."

Rosenheim got his wish. Field Hockey takes on Trinity in Hartford, Conn. at 1 p.m. Nov.1, and Men's Soccer plays Williams in Williamstown, Mass. at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 1. Volleyball's NESCAC championship tournament begins Nov. 6, and the location has yet to be determined.

Coach Debbie Lavigne said she looks forward to a competitive championship tournament. "Five of the teams that we could face in the championships are nationally ranked in the top 10, but we have worked hard," she said.

Coach Josh Edmed is also confident about Volleyball's chances in the tournament. "I strongly believe that the team members' ability to come together gives the team a distinct competitive advantage over our opponents," Edmed said.

Volleyball defeated Rhode Island College Oct. 28 -- the team's 20th win. The team has had three 20 win seasons in the past four years.

October 29, 2009