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Alumni speak with students about careers, research experience

Varun Swamy '01 will present his research on the Peruvian Amazon April 22.
Varun Swamy '01 will present his research on the Peruvian Amazon April 22.

As undergraduates approach the end of the spring semester, alumni are providing plenty of opportunities for students seeking career advice and networking opportunities.

The next month is jam-packed with opportunities for students and alumni to connect.

Highlights of upcoming on-campus events include:

Education Department Job Panel, April 20;
Biology Seminar Series with Varun Swamy ’01 who will present on his research in the Peruvian Amazon, April 22;
Common Hour – Careers in the US State Department, April 23; and
Common Hour – Careers in the Federal Government, April 30.

Visit the College's main calendar for additional information about these events and more.

A number of alumni have already returned to campus recently, connecting with current students seeking career advice.

A panel of environmentally-conscious graduates - Natalie Hildt ’97, Dan Saccardi ’00, and Erika Berlinghof ’05 - spoke April 18 during "Green, Greener, Greenest: Careers that Reflect Your Ideals," part of the Sundays With Alumni series.

"The great thing about a liberal arts education is that no matter what your major is, you are learning how to think and write critically," said Hildt, who now works as a public policy manager at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships.

On April 16, Michael Hackett '00 came back to campus to speak during "Bosnia: Fifteen Years After Dayton." Hackett is now a foreign service officer for the US State Department.

Two days earlier, students heard from Tom Garrison ’00 who majored in anthropology at the College and received his certificate from the Toor Cummings Center for International Studies and the Liberal Arts. Garrison, who went on to earn his Ph.D. in anthropology from Harvard University, spoke about his archaeological research on the ancient Maya. Students also had a chance to learn more about his work during a dinner with Garrison and faculty members.

On April 5, Nina Elgo '84 returned to campus to serve as the Asian/Pacific Islander Month Convocation speaker. A Connecticut Superior Court judge, she and other members of the the College community reflected on their experiences as Asian/Asian Americans at Connecticut College.

-Rachel Harrington and Matt Zientek '10

April 20, 2010