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Connecticut College to celebrate 'Great Beginnings' in Centennial year

In 2011, Connecticut College will celebrate its Centennial with the theme "Great Beginnings."

"The Centennial Committee chose 'Great Beginnings' to evoke the historical and celebratory elements of the 100th anniversary as well as the College's educational mission," Patricia Carey, vice president for College Relations and co-chair of the Centennial Committee, said.

The year-long celebration will include a number of events and initiatives designed to celebrate and increase awareness of the College's history, mission and community.

"'Great Beginnings' hearkens back to the founding of the College and the pioneering spirit and actions of the people who built the College," said Lisa Brownell, director of publications. "It can also be used to frame milestones in the College's history, such as higher education for women, the start of coeducation, the origin of traditions, the launch of science programs, the quest for greater diversity, inaugurations and even the beginning of the College's second century."

At the same time, "Great Beginnings" also describes the intellectual journey that every student follows from Convocation to Commencement 2013. Students experience their own "Great Beginnings" as they discover the new perspectives and knowledge provided by a liberal arts education. "Great Beginnings" can also celebrate the new initiatives that alumni take on throughout their lives - careers, journeys, innovations, inventions, scientific breakthroughs, founding enterprises of all kinds, writing books and thousands of other endeavors.

Reunion is also celebration of beginnings, including the beginning of lifelong friendships and lifelong ties to the College. The theme also connects to the four Campaign for Connecticut College initiatives -- internationalization, science education, financial aid and residential education -- which are, themselves, new beginnings or undertakings for increased excellence in these areas.

"The Centennial is our opportunity to tell the story of the College and all its great beginnings," Brownell said.

December 8, 2010