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For the GOLD classes

The Henriquez family
The Henriquez family

With my 10th Reunion still fresh in my mind, I’m very appreciative of the unique place that you and other GOLD alumni hold. The strength of your numbers, as the largest alumni decade, gives you an outsized ability to influence support through the Annual Fund.

In fact, your participation is so important that I’m willing to put $25,000 on the line. I will give $25,000 to be added evenly to the gifts of your class and the nine other GOLD alumni classes for completing a simple task: 999 GOLD members making an Annual Fund gift of any amount by April 5, 2010, the College’s 99th birthday.

Achieving 999 donors by April 5 would be a fantastic birthday present for the College as we ready for our Centennial milestone.

Not only will you ensure additional funds for today’s students and faculty, you will meaningfully increase the overall alumni participation rate – an important goal for the College.

I hope this challenge reinforces to you that your gift can make a difference – a $25,000 difference.


Zoe K. Henriquez ’99

February 12, 2010