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New YouTube video asks ´what´s next, Class of 2010?´

Many have jobs. Some are off to grad school. Others are volunteering. And, of course, there are some who just haven´t decided yet. But all the Connecticut College recent graduates featured in a new YouTube video agree their education prepared them well for life´s next steps. "The liberal arts education teaches you how to think, above all things, and that´s the most important thing you can have when you go into the working world," William Goldstein ´10 says. Goldstein, an economics major, will enter the world of finance as a risk analyst at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Many of Goldstein´s classmates have also landed jobs, while others, including Xuefeng "Nick" Peng ´10 and Annemarie Brown ´10, are continuing their education. Peng is headed to Princeton where he will begin a PhD program in the department of geosciences. Brown is off to Dartmouth to pursue a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience. Devon Butler ´10, an American studies major, plans to earn a master´s in the teaching of social studies at Columbia University´s Teachers College. She´ll begin those classes in the fall and student-teach in Harlem. In the YouTube video, Butler says she discovered her passion through her involvement in one of the College´s five interdisciplinary academic centers. "The Center for Race and Ethnicity and Professor had a pretty big influence on me," Butler says. "I never really knew you could study race and ethnicity, and never knew that that was my niche, and I was able to really find that here."

June 16, 2010