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The College's new planned giving officer is also an avid surfer

Ten questions with Ken Dolbashian, who started with the College Nov. 15:

What do you like most about your work? The people, especially the older people. In a general sense they are very open and honest. They are unjaded. They listen closely and they value your advice and help.

Why do you think that is? Their lives have been so different from the Boomers'. They've been through so much, through wars and the Depression. They think things through carefully. They -- the women in particular -- are very careful about their spending and investments. I respect that.

Why planned giving? I was an estate planning lawyer. I liked the financial planning part of the work but I didn't enjoy the business end of practicing law. Planned giving is perfect for me.

You have a law degree? Yes, from New England School of Law. Also a B.A. in environmental studies from Brown. And I've taken courses toward a secondary school teaching certificate.

Where were you before? The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee in Boston.The focus there was very much on human rights and social justice. Connecticut College isn't all that different in that respect.

What drew you to Connecticut College? I'm a big believer in liberal arts education. It teaches you how to think and it opens your mind. This is a fantastic school with a growing reputation.

What do you do on a first visit with someone? We talk about your experience at Connecticut College and what resonates with you. And we then look at different options that might meet your needs -- an annuity, as an example. The rates are very attractive right now. I'd also tell you that your gift can count toward the Campaign for Connecticut College and toward your reunion.

Where do you live? Rhode Island. I grew up in Portsmouth on Aquidneck Island, and my wife did too. We love the water.

Any hobbies? I'm a surfer. I go out two or three times a week. When there's a storm a thousand miles off the coast the surf is great and the weather here can be beautiful. That's the best. You don't even need a wetsuit from July through the middle of September.

Any advice? Have an estate plan. No matter what age you are, you need to think about what would happen to your assets -- and to your family -- if something happened to you.

Contact Ken by e-mail or at 860-439-2416.

More about planned giving from the latest issue of CC:Connecticut College Magazine -- an interview with Bill O'Neil, director of major gifts.

December 15, 2010