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Arboretum hosts nature photo exhibit

The Connecticut College Arboretum will host an exhibit June 6-17 of nature photos taken in the Arboretum by members of the community. The exhibit, "Capturing the Beauty of Nature - 2011," comprises photos taken as part of a contest sponsored by the Arboretum. Kathy Dame, assistant director, said the contest - now in its 12th year - is a big draw, with last year's event garnering 120 entries split almost evenly among the three age group categories: adult, teen and child.

"It's amazing what people capture," she said. "Yes, even the little children! It is like Christmas around here when the participants start bringing in their entries, as each one seems to get more beautiful than the last one." The purpose of the contest is two-fold - Dame hopes to prompt visits to the 750-acre Arboretum and help people gain an appreciation of the fragility of our environment. "The philosophy behind this is to get people outside to enjoy the Arboretum and to learn to love it and the environment," said Dame. "This is the only way to get some people even outside. I firmly believe that if people learn to appreciate nature and the beauty it has to offer, that they will automatically become far better stewards of the earth. You just can't destroy something you have come to love."

The photo exhibit will be on display on the first floor of F.W. Olin Science Center, open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

May 22, 2011