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Connecticut College awarded $22,000 Connecticut Statewide Healthy Campus Initiative grant

NEW LONDON, Conn. - Connecticut College has been awarded a $22,000 Connecticut Statewide Healthy Campus Initiative grant from the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to support substance abuse prevention programs. "Connecticut College is committed to educating students about healthy lifestyles and the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse," C.C. Curtiss, the college's director of student wellness and alcohol/ drug education.

"This grant will allow us to implement new strategies to ensure a healthy campus, strengthen our community collaborations and provide more alcohol-free options for students." Connecticut College takes a proactive approach to alcohol and drug abuse prevention. Education programs include an orientation workshop for all incoming students, health and wellness training for more than 200 student leaders each year and more than 30 annual workshops and educational programs focusing on student wellness, including "Think Outside the Bottle Day," an event focused on alcohol facts and alternate activities, and "Don't Cancel That Class," a collaboration between faculty and the student wellness office to provide alcohol and wellness education when professors can't attend class.

Established in 2004, the Connecticut Statewide Healthy Campus Initiative was created by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in partnership with Connecticut College and 24 other institutions of higher education in Connecticut. The collaboration brings together senior administrators and faculty from 35 member institutions, prevention experts, state officials and community organizations to change aspects of the campus and community environment that contribute to high-risk drinking and other drug use.

April 29, 2011