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Help theater students with fall performance

In the upcoming Centennial Theater Project, the spotlight is on a century of Connecticut College history.

Directed by Michael Lerner ’89 and starring current theater students, the production will be a collaborative effort involving the entire College community.

“The idea is to create a theater piece that celebrates 100 years of the College by studying its foundations, what sort of inspirations have grown out of the original ideas and where we are now,” says Lerner.

The cast will craft a production based on research in the archives and contributions from alumni. Anecdotes about war years and the dawn of coeducation, accounts of inspiring professors and coaches, and stories of other experiences, moments and traditions will be dramatized in a variety of styles. The project will premiere during Centennial Fall Weekend, Oct. 21-23.

Alumni interested in contributing to the project by sharing a story should contact Lerner at

“The piece is very nebulous right now, which makes it very exciting,” he explains. “We have some great archival material to draw from that will be a real adventure to use as the basis for theater, and Conn students are always creative with their performances.”

In addition to work with theater companies and educational programs, Lerner has collaborated with the Connecticut College theater department in various capacities for nine years. The Centennial Theater Project is part of an ongoing initiative rooted in his time as a theater major, Lerner says.

“My wonderful theater professor, Morris Carnovsky, taught us to not only use theater for our own enjoyment or careers, but also to give back and work with younger generations. This production will be a great opportunity to connect students with the College’s history in an innovative, dramatic way.”

Read Lerner's letter to alumni.

August 17, 2011

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