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Michael Lerner's letter to alumni

Dear fellow Alumni,
The college centennial is fast approaching and the Theater Department has decided to devote the first production of the year to a celebration of the foundations, inspirations and dreams that have made and continue to make Conn a leader in liberal arts education and at the forefront of guiding young minds to focus on using their education to improve the world's quality of living across all disciplines.

We are seeking stories from you that we might use to create a devised evening of theater that studies, reveals, dramatizes and celebrates the Conn college experience throughout the last 10 decades. If you would like to share a story that reveals a unique perspective on the college, that reveals an experience unique to Conn, perhaps an experience that set you on your chosen life's path, we would very much appreciate your submission. We are particularly looking for stories that relate to any of the following:

-College traditions that may or may no longer exist
-Stories that relate to significant years in the country's history, like war years, and what the college experience was like during those times
-Conn college during the years of the struggle for equal rights
-Stories relating to the college mascot hunt
-Perspective on the Fanning takeovers
-Stories about the first year of the Co-ed campus
-Families who have sent children to CC or several generations to CC
-“Ground zero” during the Cold War years
-The establishment of WCNI
-The first Floralia (I realize I may be opening up a pretty wild can of worms here)
-The honor system for exams
-Particularly inspiring professors, coaches or classes
-Class events that may or may no longer exist
-Stories about events or experiences on campus that changed your outlook in a significant way
-Conn College songs that may no longer be known
-Stories about little known or unknown Conn college history
-Oh, and stories about particularly funny experiences or events are very much appreciated, too.

The cast and I will use your story either as it stands or we will adapt it so that it plays into the larger production in some form. We will devise this theater event to be performed during the October Alumni Weekend, so we will need your submission by no later than Tuesday, August 30. Please send your story directly to me at my email:

Thank you very much in advance for helping out and joining in on this unique way to celebrate Conn. I look forward to sharing your stories with your younger Conn brothers and sisters in the cast this fall. I'm excited to see what we can all make together.

All the best,
Michael Lerner '89

August 17, 2011

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