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Scholarship Profile: Cecilia Cuevas '12

Home: Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Major: Art history

Activities: Diversity peer educator, co-chair of MeCHA (the Mexican student group)

My work with these two groups has, for me, redefined life-altering issues of identity and diversity. As a Mexican/American, I was never quite sure where I fit in. I understand now that fitting in isn't important. What matters is understanding and appreciating who I am for what I am.

My proudest achievement so far: The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship. My research project has become something I intend to pursue for many years after I leave Connecticut College. This program has helped me establish the life path I always wanted for myself.
My favorite professors: Barbara Zabel is passionate, well-spoken and extremely knowledgeable. I never considered modern art as my focal point, but her classes have encouraged me to design a research project on Mexican art that I am tremendously excited to pursue.

Ronald Flores is my mentor for the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship. His booming laugh and piercing questions have guided me through the process of developing my own research interests.

Andrea Rossi-Reder is a mother and friend to so many members of my class. She is the reason I stayed when I felt like giving up and going home to Mexico.

What I like most about Connecticut College: It allows students to be in charge of their own education while still providing the tools and support to help us accomplish our goals. Connecticut College also does a great job of making our community feel like family. I love this school, and I love what I've been able to accomplish here.

My plans for the future: I want to get my Ph.D. in art history with a specialization in Latin American/Hispanic art. I have spent most of my life in Mexico and want to enrich the lives of others with the art I grew up with. Hopefully I will become a professor at a school like Connecticut College one day.

The Alumni Board of Directors is proud to show how Annual Fund gifts make a difference in the lives of students and congratulates Cecilia Cuevas on her accomplishments.


April 11, 2011