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Scholarship Profile: Francis Martinson '11

Home: Lilongwe, Malawi

Major: Chemistry (with ACS certification)

What I enjoy most about Connecticut College: The community. You are never just another person at Connecticut College. It's a place where professors and students really connect with one another.

My favorite professor:
 David Lewis in chemistry. Every class begins with him sharing a story about either current discoveries, hot political issues or just an intriguing tale from his past. He then proceeds to thoroughly blow our minds with the course topic of the day. After each class we have a broader understanding of the fundamental workings behind the universe.

My most meaningful work: During the summers I have interned at the UNC Project, a University of North Carolina research center in Malawi. The center performs clinical trials of antiretroviral drugs targeted at HIV and AIDS as well as malaria and other diseases affecting the area. I have worked in a lab there and also with local communities. In the summer of 2009 I helped launch a GPS system to locate study participants and make the followup process easier.

My proudest achievement so far: Just how far I have come and what I've learned along the way. Being awarded the American Chemical Society Division of Analytical Chemistry Award and the Paul Abel Schwartz Memorial Prize for Excellence in Chemistry during my junior year also ranks up there.

My plans for the future: Ultimately, I want to pursue a career in medicine. I'd also like to travel around the world for a bit. I see myself probably joining an organization whose aim is to provide health care in under-served areas around the world.

The Alumni Board of Directors is proud to show how Annual Fund gifts make a difference in the lives of students and congratulates Francis Martinson on his accomplishments.

May 10, 2011