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Scholarship Profile: Mike Marshall '11

Home: Jamestown, R.I.

Major: Terrestrial and planetary geophysics (self-designed)

Activities: Co-captain of the sailing team

What I enjoy most about Connecticut College: Its strong sense of community. Individual voices matter here and are listened to with respect, both inside and outside the classroom.

My favorite professor: Doug Thompson, my adviser in the Geophysics Department. I've gained from him not only a wealth of information in my field but also his infectious enthusiasm for the subject.
Why sailing matters: For me, a sport is a very meaningful part of a well-rounded education. It is not a diversion from academics, it's a complement to them that makes both more productive. My experience with the team -- including two years as a captain -- has been a very enriching and rewarding part of my college career.

My proudest achievement so far: My senior thesis, which analyzes wind resources on campus with an eye toward a possible wind turbine to generate electrical power for the College. It has enabled me to become familiar with some of the most sophisticated wind-analysis programs in the industry and how to use them. This work is a good example of how an education at Conn often reaches far beyond the classroom and into matters of great practical concern.

My plans after graduation: I want to work for a year and then go to graduate school. My senior thesis has greatly heightened my interest in renewable energy, so that may influence my path.

The most important thing I've learned at Connecticut College: If you can dream it, you can do it. This outlook is shaped to a large extent by the guidance and encouragement of my closest mentors at the College. It is one of the greatest gifts that Connecticut College has given me. It is a gift that Annual Fund scholarship support has helped to provide and one for which I am truly grateful.

The Alumni Board of Directors is proud to show how Annual Fund gifts make a difference in the lives of students and congratulates Mike Marshall on his accomplishments.

March 8, 2011