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'Seminar on Success' helps juniors and seniors connect with alumni

Connecticut College juniors and seniors have a unique resource when it comes to planning their professional lives after college: a network of Camel alumni connections. The fifth annual "Seminar on Success," on campus this Saturday, Jan. 29, helps them capitalize on that network.

The half-day event features four alumni. Two will speak generally about how their Connecticut College education influenced their career paths, and two will offer advice on interview do's and don'ts. President Leo I. Higdon Jr. will open the seminar with remarks about the value of a liberal arts education.

The alumni speakers are Greg Fleismann '90 of Deloitte's Health Sciences and Government Industry Practice; James Gellert '90, chair and CEO of Rapid Ratings International; Amelia Gary Simpson '95, who has 15 years of experience in financial services and executive search; and Emily Goldberg James '05, a human resources professional with Bain Capital in Boston.

The College's career office also helps students connect with alumni, and dozens of events through the year provide opportunities for students to network with graduates who have similar professional interests. "Our alumni have a wealth of experience and they have great advice about career options," said Beth Poole '00, associate director of Alumni Relations. "They're more than willing to share that advice - and their stories about how a liberal arts degree provided the skills they needed to succeed."

January 26, 2011