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President Lee Higdon featured in LEADERS magazine

Connecticut College President Lee Higdon
Connecticut College President Lee Higdon

Connecticut College President Leo I. Higdon Jr. highlights the value of a liberal arts education during an interview with the editor of LEADERS magazine, a quarterly publication circulated to distinguished leaders of the world.

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"A liberal arts education is the best preparation for life and career, and in today's complex and uncertain world, this is truer than ever," Higdon says in the article. "Business leaders today are looking for men and women who are adaptable in a changing business environment and who have the intellectual skills and high performance standards that come from attending a residential liberal arts college."

LEADERS magazine's July, August, September 2012 issue is focused on successful strategies for addressing the complex nature of globalization.

In addition to Higdon's interview, the publication includes an in-depth interview with the president, CEO and chair of Under Armour, Inc., a special section on women leaders, and interviews with international entrepreneurs.

"The world our students will work and live in demands that they be comfortable with diversity in all its forms. We need to prepare the next generation of leaders to succeed in a very complex global society," Higdon is quoted in the article. "Students come to our institution to interact with students unlike themselves - this provides the richest kind of learning environment for all students."

July 31, 2012