Winslow Crane-Murdoch '13 sees soccer through a different lens

As Winslow Crane-Murdoch '13 walked the streets of a small town in rural South Africa, he saw the remnants of apartheid's legacy - crime, drugs and poverty. But he also saw soccer, and with it, hope.

Crane-Murdoch captures that hope in full-length documentary he created as part a study abroad experience in the spring of 2012. The film, "Ukudlala" (also known as "Who Am I?"), tells the stories of the young men who participate in Oasis, an organization that partners with South African Homeless Street Soccer to use the sport as an education tool for underprivileged kids and young adults.

A member of the Connecticut College men's soccer team, Crane-Murdoch has always been interested in the power and influence of sports.

"There is empowerment to be found in creative engagement," he said. "Learning is a process that can be found in countless forms, and by encouraging creativity, camaraderie and a hands-on approach, you can reach people in a unique and positive way."

Crane-Murdoch, an international relations major and intern in the College's communications office, created the documentary as part of a requirement for the multiculturalism and human rights program he completed through the School of International Training (SIT). The inspirational film, now used by South African Homeless Street Soccer as a promotional tool for the program, chronicles the success of the program through the powerful stories of its participants.

"The film cannot fully portray the magnitude of their accomplishments, but it is a snapshot into their lives and a reminder that happiness and value can be derived from within," Crane-Murdoch said.

Crane-Murdoch said the filming process was intense, but he credits his family with instilling a sense of adventure and love for the outdoors in him.

"I believe that adventure and experience are the purest forms of teaching, and within that, stories are what connect our common humanity."

For more information the film and Crane-Murdoch's experience, visit his website.

December 3, 2012