Huffington Post's 'Most Important Writing' list includes article by Jazmine Hughes '12

A first-person piece by writer and editor Jazmine Hughes ’12 has been deemed among the "Most Important Writing From People Of Color In 2015" by The Huffington Post.

The 27 essays and articles on the list "defined conversations about race, pop culture and identity in 2015," the article says.

"When talented writer Jazmine Hughes was hired at The New York Times this year, she writes she was seized by imposter syndrome. To get over her anxiety, she decided to dress up in recreations of some of 'Empire' character Cookie Lyon's best outfits for a week," writes The Huffington Post. "Her experience makes for a funny and enlightening read."

Hughes, an associate editor at The New York Times Magazine, penned the piece, "I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome" for Cosmopolitan in October. 

"My exterior now telegraphed something totally different from my norm, and I didn't quite know how to deal with it," wrote Hughes of the experience of wearing the over-the-top outfits donned by the character. "Everyone I knew treated me the same—I'd smack them if they hadn't, a Cookie trait I was born with—but I could feel strangers reading me differently."

In 2014, Hughes, then a writer and editor at The Hairpin, was named to The L Magazine's "30 under 30: The Envy List" and profiled by Brooklyn Magazine.



December 23, 2015