Since 1998, Connecticut College’s Class of '57 Teaching Seminar for Incoming Faculty (nee "Johnson seminar") has been supporting faculty in their roles as teachers, scholars, and community members. The Center sponsors monthly seminars that model and address particular aspects of effective teaching and learning.

We also have a variety of informal meetings and discussions throughout the semester, all aimed at supporting faculty and helping them become happy and successful members of the college community.

Our distinctive “Peer Mentoring” approach, in which second- and third-year faculty organize and help run each seminar, allows us to adapt easily to faculty needs, models effective strategies for new faculty, and provides a supportive cohort for newer faculty that crosses disciplinary and departmental boundaries. These cohorts of new faculty are forming bonds and transforming the teaching culture at the college.

Teaching has become “community property” (Shulman) — something not only valued, but also shared and discussed. These connections have also led to interdisciplinary collaborations in research and teaching.

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