Program robots to learn to walk and talk. Write a music program to find beats.  Create a virtual reality world for an archaeological dig.

Connecticut College's computer science department offers you an excellent opportunity to learn about a variety of topics while gaining research experience. We teach you the analytical and programming skills you need while providing hands-on experience.

There are opportunities for student research, including at least two semesters of one-on-one independent studies. Excellent computer science facilities, a variety of paid summer internships and curricular flexibility are hallmarks of the program. Our students leverage their major in computer science into successful careers in industry, academia and business.

Faculty-student research is principally in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics, sound processing and analysis, music information retrieval, algorithmic game theory, resource allocation algorithms, entertainment software design, virtual reality, machine learning and bioinformatics. Through summer work, independent studies, and honors theses, you can conduct research, co-author publications, and give presentations at technical conferences.

The program also offers close ties with the interdisciplinary Ammerman Center for Arts & Technology.