There are many different types of Off-Campus Engagements (College Policy). This website is meant to be a simple guideline for the necessary steps to register an OCE, create a roster and collect signed waivers. Please email with questions.

The different kinds of OCEs include:

Off-Campus Field Trip Graphic

Domestic College-Sponsored

  • Athletics
  • Career/Centers internships
  • Community learning placements
  • Course-related
  • Student life activity
  • Summer research for faculty or students
  • TRIPs
  • Conferences

Step One:

Register the OCE on a form that includes a link to a roster.

Step Two:

Provide orientation that can be in a syllabus, a class or in-person.  The college coordinator/faculty responsible for the OCE can determine the structure or format of the pre-departure orientation.

Step Three:

Collect signed waiver and medical disclosure forms.