Connecticut College has long been a leader in environmentalism and sustainability. Starting in 2011, with the hiring of the first sustainability coordinator, the College committed to a broad view of sustainability – with the recognition that the well-being of both the environment and people are critical to the continued thriving of the College, as well as society and the planet.

Since 2011, Connecticut College’s focus on sustainability has continued to develop. In May 2013, the College published its first Sustainability Plan, outlining 14 priorities for the next few years. One of these was the development of an Office of Sustainability, realized just months later in Fall 2013. The Office is now co-led by the Director of Sustainability and the Suzi Oppenheimer ’56 Faculty Director. Each year, several teams of students carry out projects in many different areas of sustainability.

In 2016, sustainability was included as one of the major goals of Connecticut College’s new strategic plan, "Building on Strength." Then in 2018, a Sustainability Planning Task Force with representatives from across campus developed a new Campus Sustainability Plan that included goals in target areas such as Energy, Engagement and Operations. This plan is a detailed explanation of the actions and priorities we will take over the next 10 years to accomplish the overarching sustainability goals outlined in the Strategic Plan.

In April 2022, we released a Phase 1 Progress Report for the Campus Sustainability Plan. This report documents what efforts have been made so far in achieving each goal in the plan and outlines the priorities for Phase 2. We have also continued to release annual highlight reports, the most recent of which can be read here.