Our Sustainability Fellows work in four teams focused on different areas of sustainability.

Communications and Engagement

The Communications and Engagement Team helps educate the campus community about sustainability through events, social media and a regular SustainabiliTEAM newsletter. This team also plans and coordinates two SustainabiliTEAM trainings each semester.

Energy, Climate and Transportation

The Energy, Climate and Transportation Team works on projects that will help meet our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by 26 percent by 2025. Past projects have included lighting upgrades and solar-powered charging stations. This team also helps reduce our emissions by promoting alternative forms of transportation such as biking, carpooling and public transportation.

Food Systems

The Food Systems Team collaborates with Dining Services and the Sprout Garden on projects related to increasing the amount of local food served on our campus and decreasing the amount of food waste we produce. Past projects have included implementing the Phood food-waste tracking system in Harris Dining Hall and completing an inventory of all the local, fair trade and organic food purchased by Dining, Catering and the student-run coffee shops. This team also coordinates our small-scale composting program for students in independent living.

Waste Minimization

The Waste Minimization Team works on projects to help reduce the total amount of waste produced on campus and to increase recycling. This team runs the annual move-out donation program Give ‘N Go and the ongoing Office Swap program that encourages faculty and staff to reuse office supplies. Future projects include standardizing recycling signage across campus and working on ways to reduce our use of paper towels on campus.