The Lending Library was created to provide textbooks and other course materials to students for a full semester free of charge. The Lending Library is stocked mainly with books donated by students at the end of each academic year. Some high-need textbooks have also been purchased with funding from the Sustainable Projects Fund. The Lending Library has two locations: Literature, social sciences, and humanities books are located in a space in the lobby of Katharine Blunt House (KB); and STEM and language textbooks are located in a space in the lobby of Burdick House. The Lending Library is a collaboration between the Office of Sustainability, the Academic Resource Center and Residential Education and Living (REAL). 

The Lending Library has open hours every day during the first two weeks of each semester. To check out a book, come to the lobby of KB during one of these times and a student will assist you. You can search the Lending Library catalog for what you need. Books are due on the last day of finals each semester and the return box will be placed outside of the KB space.

Donate to the Lending Library by dropping books into the donation box outside of KB anytime during the semester or place it in one of the donation boxes in each residence hall during our annual Give ‘N Go program in May.