Arrival Day is Aug. 27, 2020.

All new students must arrive on Thursday, Aug. 27 between 8 and 11 a.m., with the exception of students who will be participating in one of the optional pre-Orientation programs, Genesis or Odyssey. 

Moving In

Your housing assignment will determine which entrance you should use on arrival day and most roads on campus will be one-way and some parking areas will be used for drop-off only. Please refer to this map for move-in day traffic. Campus Safety officers and students leaders will be at various spots on campus to direct drivers. Student leaders will be stationed near each residence house to assist you in the move-in process. We encourage you to print out your arrival-day email, New Student Arrival Move In Map - All Areas, and a dashboard sign (Car Sign - Area 1, Car Sign - Area 2, Car Sign - Area 3) and bring them with you on Arrival Day for your reference.

Shipping Packages to CC

If you are coming a long distance or just want to send things to campus in advance, you can mail packages to Conn's Campus Post Office, using the following address:

Student Name
Class Year
Connecticut College
Box Number
270 Mohegan Avenue
New London, CT 06320

The Campus Post office, located in the first floor of Cro, will be open on Arrival Day between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., so that you may pick up any packages sent previously to the College. Staff will be available to answer questions you may have about mail services.