Connecticut College students are fulltime members of an intense residential academic community. The deans ensure that the experience of living in a residential academic community always retains an essential intellectual character, even when students are not learning formally in the classroom.

Dean of the Faculty

The Dean of the Faculty is the principal adviser to the president on academic affairs and leads the faculty in its deliberations on the educational policies of the College. This office promotes academic excellence in research, teaching and service. It also oversees all academic departments, centers and programs at the College; is responsible for appointment of academic department chairs and directors of interdisciplinary major programs as well as the appointment, promotion and tenure of individual faculty members; and is responsible for the academic quality of the curriculum.

Dean of the College

The Dean of the College supports the College's mission as a residential, liberal arts college to prepare students for a lifetime of intellectual endeavor and civic engagement by fostering the integration of students' experiences inside and outside of the classroom. The following offices comprise the DOC division:

  • The Dean of the College
  • The Associate Dean of of the College/Dean of First-Year Students, the Associate Dean of the College/Dean of Sophomores and International Student Adviser, and the Associate Dean of the College/Dean of Juniors and Seniors and Transfers.
  • The Dean of Academic Support, who directs the Academic Resource Center and oversees Student Accessibility Services, Career Enhancing Life Skills (CELS), and the Roth Writing Center.
  • The Dean of Students, wo heads the Student Life division, and oversees residential education and living, student engagement and leadership education, health and counseling services, sexual violence prevention and advocacy, student wellness and health education, new student orientation, and the College’s student conduct process.
  • The Dean of Fellowships and Scholarships, who provides grant and fellowship opportunities for both current students and alumni.
  • The Director of National and International Programs, who works to provide students many study abroad and study away opportunities in College-approved programs in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

The Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion is responsible for collaborating with faculty and staff in an effort to ensure diversity and equity across the institution. The Deans and offices in this division are responsible for assisting students academic, spritiual, religious, and social development over their fours years at Connecticut College. The offices in this division sponsor programs, advise students, support faculty and student workshops that address diversity, equity and inclusion.The following offices comprise the DIEI division:

  • The Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion
  • The Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, who gives this tradition a formal "home" in the life of the College. Students are encouraged to consider larger questions about their purpose and role in this world. As they examine their values and beliefs, they gain a greater appreciation for the values and beliefs of others.
  • The Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Associate Dean of Institutional Equity and Inclusion, who initiates and coordinates programs in support of a pluralistic student experience, promotes ongoing campus discourse about equity, and oversees or collaborates closely with the major offices and programs focused on diversity.