For spring 2016 courses

Online registration opens at 7:30 am as follows:

Tuesday, 11/17       for seniors, return-to-college, and graduate students
Wednesday, 11/18  for juniors
Thursday, 11/19     for sophomores
Friday, 11/20          for first-years
Access continues 24 hours/day until online registration closes at 5 pm the last day of the Add period, Friday, January 29. Non-degree seeking Special Day Students are not eligible for online registration.

Submit an Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form to the Registrar's office to make course registration changes that require a signature (permission) or when the online registration system has closed for the term.


Office of the Registrar and IT Service Desk staff are available to assist students from 7:30 am to 5 pm, Tues - Fri during the November preregistration week and Tues - Thur during the April preregistration week.


Course Registration "How To" for Students

Course Registration Information for Faculty

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form

Preregistration Advising Form