The College considers the following to be academic violations of the Honor Code: 

  1. Unauthorized discussion, distribution, or dissemination of the content of an examination or assignment
  2. Any attempt to give or receive unauthorized aid on an examination or any graded assignment, by any means
  3. Plagiarism, including the negligent failure to follow the proper documentation procedures or submitting identical work for credit in more than one course
  4. Breaches of examination procedures include, but are not limited to:
    1. Leaving the designated exam areas
    2. Communication of any kind in the examination room
    3. Exceeding the permitted time constraint
    4. Excessive noise within the examination center
    5. Smoking in an examination room
    6. Unauthorized use of cell phones or smart phones.
  5. Any other deceptive or dishonest academic behavior.

The Honor Code applies to all students enrolled at the College.

Additional information about taking exams at Connecticut College can be found here

Self-Scheduled Exam Procedures

1. The instructor supplies an examination for each student enrolled for credit. The examination must display the student's name, course number and instructor's name.

2. To receive an examination, the student appears at the appropriate exam center, fills out a request slip and provides identification (license with photo or other picture ID required).

3. Except for special examinations (exam printed on colored paper, or have a colored sheet of paper as the cover sheet) which must be written in designated rooms, the student selects a writing room in the building in which the exam was distributed and may not leave the building until the completed examination has been returned to the exam center proctor.

Cell phones, ipads/tablets/laptops, or any devices with internet connection are never permitted in any exam rooms.

4. No outside materials, including calculators, are permitted, except for special examinations where the material is explicitly indicated. The exams which allow materials and/or calculators must be taken in the Special Writing Rooms (exams are printed on colored paper, or have a colored sheet of paper as the cover sheet). As a reminder, cell phones, ipads/tablets/laptops, or any devices with internet connection are never permitted in any exam rooms.

5. All exams must be returned to the exam proctor at the end of the official writing time (noon for morning sessions, 5 p.m. for afternoon sessions and 10 p.m. for eventing sessions).  The exam centers open 20 minutes before each exam session. The exam writing time is three hours. If you pick up an exam early, it must be returned early (a student may not have an exam in his/her possession for more than three hours). Picking up an exam after the start of an examination session (9 a.m., 2 p.m. or 7 p.m.) does not extend the end of the exam session.

6. Students must sign the honor pledge on the exam envelope. When the examination has been completed, the examination sheet or test booklet and blue book(s) used must be placed in the envelope provided. The envelope must be sealed, and the identifying information supplied on the front.  The envelope is returned to the exam proctor, who will provide a receipt.


  • You may not leave the building with an exam
  • Return all exam materials to the exam proctor
  • All exams MUST be returned no later than noon, 5 p.m. or 10 p.m. in order to be in compliance with exam procedures
  • Cell phones, ipads/tablets/laptops, or any devices with internet connection are never permitted in any exam rooms.


INCOMPLETES: To negotiate an incomplete (deadline is 12:00 noon on Wednesday, May 17), see the instructor and your dean.  Incomplete forms are available from the Office of the Registrar.   

BILLS: Pay all your bills before you leave campus.  Under College policy, unpaid bills, even small ones, will delay the processing of transcript requests.

LEAVE/OTHER DEPARTURES: Regular undergraduate students who do not expect to be enrolled in the College for the fall semester are reminded that the appropriate leave forms should be filed with the Dean of the College.  Filing the form will prevent you from receiving bills for next semester, allow the college to reallocate residential space, and open course seats to others.