The Connecticut College curriculum is built on the presumption that eight semesters of study are necessary for completion of the degree. In this time frame, students can take full advantage of the many opportunities for personal and intellectual growth the College provides. Included among these opportunities are certain signature experiences such as sufficient time for in-depth study of a single discipline (a major) and free exploration of other topics (electives); the experience of a semester of international study; a College-sponsored summer internship and/or research experience, and the option of earning a certificate through study in one of several interdisciplinary centers. Students are also expected to develop a capacity for leadership and citizenship through immersion in a dynamic residential community or participation in student clubs and activities, community service or involvement in the College’s unique governance structure.

Having designed this optimal educational experience for students, the College understands that some students may wish nonetheless to accelerate completion of their degree (in seven or fewer semesters), using advanced placement credit, transfer credit, or by “overpointing” (taking more than the expected academic workload in successive semesters).

Because completion of all General Education, departmental, and other College requirements prior to an accelerated graduation may be difficult or in some cases impossible, students who wish to graduate in fewer than the expected eight semesters should contact the Dean of Studies as well as their faculty adviser as soon as possible; the College recommends that it be done by the first semester of their second year at the College.

In close consultation with these advisers, students seeking an accelerated degree must ultimately submit a petition to the Committee on Academic Standing where a group of faculty and deans will assess their chances for success by reviewing their records and plans for completing all degree requirements. The Committee on Academic Standing has final say in approving any accelerated graduation plan.