Pre-major advising helps students "map" their education. Effective academic advising is critical to realizing the goals of liberal education and is one of the major responsibilities of the faculty at Connecticut College. The deans and associate deans within the Dean of the College office work collaboratively with faculty and students and other staff in an ongoing process to achieve these aims.

Good pre-major advising can mean the difference between a student's drifting through general education and that student's feeling engaged by the institution's vision and mission. The overall goal of academic advising should be to help a student "map" their education and be able to discern and prepare for the various paths possible to their goals.

For you, the student

Because the process of planning an academic career can sometimes be confusing, we've put together a list of answers to some of the most common questions students have. Fuller explanations can also be found in the College catalog.

Be sure to see your adviser for anything not covered or consult the academic deans, who will be happy to help.

For you, the faculty

We hope these frequently asked questions and answers and links will serve as a guide for you as you help your advisees navigate their academic lives. These questions supplement the Faculty Advising Handbook (CamelWeb login required). Fuller explanations can also be found in the College catalog.

The academic deans are happy to answer any questions not covered here, and welcome your comments and suggestions for additions.