Summer Study at Connecticut College

Connecticut College no longer offers a summer session.

Summer Study Elsewhere

Connecticut College students who wish to take summer courses elsewhere for credit must consult with the Office of the Registrar as to the accreditation of the college or university to be attended, the relevant departments for approval of the courses to be taken, and the major adviser for the feasibility of the courses in relation to the students total college program.

A form with the required signatures must be filed with the Office of the Registrar in ample time for approval before the summer work is undertaken.

Students may make up academic deficiencies by taking approved summer courses, and the grades received in summer courses are included in the cumulative average.

Students are advised not to embark on summer courses with the intention of accelerating before securing approval of their proposed plan in accordance with the conditions outlined under Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements.

Courses taken at other institutions in the summer will not count toward the two-year (64 semester hour) residency required for the B.A. degree. Students are reminded that for courses taken at other institutions, all grades are posted and credits are translated to the Connecticut College system for posting on the permanent record.