The Oakes and Louise Ames Prize

For outstanding honors study

The Oakes and Louise Ames Prize, named for a president emeritus of the College and his wife, is given to a graduating senior who has completed the year's most outstanding honors study.* The prize is offered by the trustees in recognition of the quality of academic achievement that Oakes and Louise Ames fostered during their fourteen years of service to Connecticut College.

The 2013 prize was awarded Douglas Gregory Bernstein, a religious studies major from Bethesda, Md., for his honors thesis, "Tearing the Yellow Hat in Two: Conflict and Controversy in the Evolution of Gelugpa Buddhist Authority in Tibet." In the work, Bernstein analyzed two internal controversies within the Gelugpa (or Yellow Hat) school of Tibetan Buddhism and explores the implications of these for contemporary Tibetan Buddhists in Tibet and in exile.

Bernstein's thesis was chosen from among eight theses nominated by faculty for the prize.

2013 Douglas Gregory Bernstein
2012 David Liakos
2011 Erin Margaret Wilson
2010 Thomas Blake McDonald
2009 Myles Green
2008 Scott Borchert
2007 Kimberly Richards
2006 David Kahn
2005 Peter Luthy
2004 Rebecca Hughes
2003 Geoffrey Babbitt
2002 Eunice Kua
2001 Kate Umans
2000 James Lundberg
1999 Elizabeth Eckert
1998 Jeana Zelan
1997 Alexander Cote
1996 Jessica Strelec
1995 Patrick Ghidirim
1994 John Symons
1993 Rich Canavan IV
1992 Kristin Lee
1991 Laura Egan
1990 Susan Lee
1989 Matthew Hayward
1988 Lawrence Pellegrino

* Recent honors theses by Connecticut College students may be found on Digital Commons, the College's intellectual repository.