Campus Art Collections

The Department of Art History and Architectural Studies manages several on-campus collections, including 1,600 prints and drawings in the Wetmore Collection, 200 Chinese paintings in the Chu-Griffis Asian Art Collection, and a sizeable number of modern and contemporary sculptures. 

Lyman Allyn Art Museum 

Situated at the south end of campus, the Lyman Allyn Art Museum is a terrific resource for students in art history. Some of our classes are taught in the museum, where students have an opportunity to see and study works of art from the museum's collection. Students work with faculty in curating exhibitions at the museum. And students can take advantange of internship and volunteer opportunities at the museum working in collection management, museum education and outreach, public relations, and administration. Each year a student representative from the department is selected to serve on the museum's board of trustees.

Access to Regional Art Museums

Situated in proximity to New York, Boston, Hartford and Providence, Connecticut College is surrounded by a wealth of important art museums. Students regularly visit regional museums for class assignments and field trips led by a faculty member.