In order to gain firsthand experience of art in its original contexts all over the world, art history majors take advantage of the extensive study-away opportunities available at Connecticut College.

European destinations such as Rome, Florence, Copenhagen, Paris, Seville and Granada are among the most popular, with other options ranging from St. Petersburg to Mysore. Majors, especially those enrolled in the CISLA certificate program often broaden their international horizons by completing a summer funded internship abroad.

Art History majors have pursued internships in museums, auction houses, galleries, and historical societies throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. In recent years students have interned at:

The College's TRIP (Traveling Research and Immersion Program) may allow you to make shorter visits to key art-historical sites. During spring break 2010, for example, students in the course AHI 260: Medieval Architecture, journeyed to Italy and traveled - in part on foot - to the Via Francigena, retracing the path followed by medieval pilgrims through Tuscany to St. Peter's Basilica and Rome.

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